What is this?

This group is for CTOs in the Chicagoland area.  It is an private network of software executives who exchange ideas, share experiences, and help each other when needed. If you would like to join, please use the group links below and send a request to join.

But I’m not a CTO, can I still join?

Absolutely. We’re a group of intelligent, high-level technologists with lots of industry experience. Though we have various titles, we all have responsibility for the technology direction for our organization. If you are currently or have been a CTO, VP or Dir within your organization’s technology team, with one or more teams reporting to you, this group is for you. All members are screened by the group admins.

I’ve got a service or product that would be valuable to the group, can I pitch it?

No. This group is for discussion and education first and foremost. If someone approaches you for more information, that’s fair game. But absolutely no sales or pitching allowed. We do have a #shameless_commerce channel on Slack where unsolicited pitches are welcome.

Ok, where can I find the Chicago CTO Forum?

The Chicago CTO Forum can be found at:

  • Google Group – This is the primary discussion, events, and networking hub for the group. We’ll hold discussions, plan events and share news through it.
  • LinkedIn Group – This group is for finding out more about the members of the group. You can search LinkedIn profiles this way. It’s a great way to get to know others in the group and see how everyone is connected.
  • Twitter – Links & whatnot for the group. Discussions here are public.
  • Slack – Send an email to the admins with your preferred email address for an invite to the private Slack.

Both of these are private groups. You must apply.

How do I join the Chicago CTO Forum group on LinkedIn?

Go to our LinkedIn Group and sign up. You will be approved to join the group by one of the moderators.

How do I join the Chicago CTO Forum Google Group?

Go to our Google Group and sign up. You will be approved to join the group by one of the moderators.

What about confidentiality?

This group is confidential amongst its members.  Anything said is expected to remain within the group only.  Anyone who verifiably breaks the confidentiality of the group will be removed from the group.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Yes, but it’s small. You just have to participate once every 6 months. That’s it.  When you see a discussion on the group, feel free to participate.  If it’s possible to attend an event, please do. The group is only as good as it’s members.  Be a courteous & collaborative member of the group and make everyone’s experience a good one. Non-participating members will be cleaned out from the group twice a year.