Welcome to the Chicago CTO Forum


To further Chicago’s position as an innovative, inclusive, and well integrated technical community. We support our mission and the professional development of our group members through the accomplishment of the following goals.

  • Provide personal and professional growth of our members by facilitating events and conversations within our supportive, private and confidential network of peers.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of opportunities for entry, training, and inclusion in technical fields.
  • Growth of the group in service of our mission.


Our values represent the principles we use to guide our strategy and activities in pursuit of our mission. Our members are committed to upholding these values in the group and within their professional pursuits.


We strive for regular and engaged group participation, rooted in candid and confidential interactions.

Community-oriented Outreach

We contribute our time and/or financial investments to outside groups aligned with our mission and those who increase the vitality of the Chicago technical community.

Code of Conduct

We support inclusivity and require respectful interactions within and outside the group.
Each member is responsible for abiding by our Code of Conduct.


The Chicago CTO Forum can be found at:

  • Google Group – This is the primary discussion, events, and networking hub for the group. We’ll hold discussions, plan events and share news through it.
  • LinkedIn Group – This group is for finding out more about the members of the group. You can search LinkedIn profiles this way. It’s a great way to get to know others in the group and see how everyone is connected.
  • Twitter – Links & whatnot for the group. Discussions here are public.
  • Slack – Send an email to the admins with your preferred email address for an invite to the private Slack.
  • In Person – Everyone likes meeting up in person. We meet on the last Wednesday of the month, every month except December. Our location rotates amongst the member companies every month. Locations are revealed on the Google Group, so make sure to subscribe.